Calgary Ecommerce Services

Please answer the following questionnaire to provide information on your interests and current initiatives regarding ecommerce. The form will check domain name choices, in question 3, to see if they are currently not available. Please add any other important information - comments, clarifications, or requests - into the comment area in question 10. Thank you for using this questionnaire.

1. General Questions
Business Name:
Phone Number: (999-999-9999)
Email Address:
Number of Email Addresses required:
Where is your target market?
Trading Currency:
Are you providing a logo? Yes   No
What is your timeframe for the development?

2. Web Hosting
Presently, is your hosting handled by:
an outside hosting service
If applicable, who is host provider (
Are you interested in:

3. Domain Name Registration
Do you presently have a domain name? Yes   No
If yes to above, what is the domain name (
If yes to above, where is your domain currently registered (
If no to above, please list 3 choices for a domain name (
If you require domain name registration, please provide the following:
Organization Name:
Your Last Name:
Your First Name:
Your Role / Title:
Postal Address Line 1:
Postal Address Line 2:
State / Province:
Postal or Zip Code: (e.g.T2H 1N6)
E-mail Address:
Telephone: (999-999-9999)
Fax: (999-999-9999)

4. Merchandise
Is your product selection presently stored in a database or spreadsheet? Yes   No
If yes to above, what is the format (.xls, .mdb, ...)?
What is the total number of items you will be selling?
What are the main product categories? (clothing, electronics, etc.)
Category 1:
Category 2:
Category 3:
Are digital photos currently available?: Yes   No
Do the items already have an SKU or part number? Yes   No

Which of the following recommended optional characteristics do you wish to apply to all or some of the merchandise?
ColourComposition (e.g., Poly/Cotton)Shipping Restrictions
SizeManufacturerAvailability dates or seasons
Short DescriptionWeight"New" item Status
Long DescriptionMale / Female"Discontinued" Item Status
Product GroupShort Sleeve / Long Sleeve"Specials" Status (weekly, monthly,...)
Product SubgroupHardback / Paperback"Promotions" Status (Specified Periods)
Small ImageAudio Cassette / VideoQuantity On Hand
Large ImageFragrancesQuantity Discount Levels
Dimensions (Height, Width, Length)Logo VariationsQuantity Discount Percentages
Sold in packages (12, 24, etc.)Personalization (engraving, etc.)Buy (2,3,etc.) and get 1 free

If quantity discounts apply, do they apply to:
All products
Certain products only
Certain categories only

Do your goods have "related" options (optional attachment or necessity)? Yes   No
Do you require cross-selling (if product A is selected, recommend B, C and D)? Yes   No
Do you require up-selling (suggestion of upgrade of existing product)? Yes   No
Will you be offering different prices to different groups (wholesale, retail, etc.)? Yes   No
If not in stock, should item ordering be allowed by backorder? Yes   No
Will you require integration with current CRM or accounting system? Yes   No

5. Shipping
What do you use to calculate shipping / handling? Total Order Price
Shipping Destination
Flat Rate
Per Item
Free delivery over a certain amount
What is the postal code of the point of shipment? (e.g. T2H 1N6)
Is there a maximum package weight to be shipped?
Is there a percentage increase for larger packages? Yes   No
Email address of anyone other than the customer who may need a copy of the order?
What shipment methods do you customarily use? UPS
Canada Post

6. Payment
Which credit cards do you presently accept? Mastercard
Do you require an internet merchant account? Yes   No
What methods of payment will you accept? Credit card - full on-line transaction
Credit card - processed in-house
Purchase On Account
What methods of order taking will you accept? Toll-free phone number
Phone orders
Web Transaction
Regular Mail
Do you have an SSL certificate for secure transactions? Yes   No

7. Administration / Maintenance
Will you want to handle your own item maintenance (training provided)? Yes   No
If not, with what frequency will you want CES to handle the maintenance?:

8. Copyright / Trademark / Patents
Do you have any copyright, trademarks or patents that need to be notated on your website? Yes   No

9. Search Engine Strategy
Do you require search engine strategy planning? Yes   No


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